The Simply Breathtaking Series


Well as a lot of you know. This Author has taken the world by storm. Sales are going through the roof and stores have been running out of stock. Yes I am talking about the 50 Shades of Grey series by E.L.James.  Charity and I asked her on the show but since she is a busy lady we thought we would read excerpts from her books.

I quiet liked sitting back on my balcony reading and looking for parts that Charity and I could read. I even found myself going “Oh my…um.” But I got through it, I looked through the hazy gaze of 7 shades of Sunday and found it very easy to read. Thanks Celine for the paperbacks, I so loved turning the pages.

We weren’t going to do this show, hell we had talked about it on and off again since we asked E.L months ago. But we felt her work needed to be acknowledged.  Normally we get the Author to read out an excerpt but since Charity and Myself are fortunate enough to be followed by E.L.James on Twitter and she also follows my fan page.  As thanks for extending us the curtsy we thought we would return the thanks. Mwah by the way E.L.

The Aussie and the Southern girl read out excerpts… Yep we read erotica baby.

It’s a nice short show which means an hour-long. hehe… The music from today’s show is brought to us by David Brazeel. A co-host from the Angry Mailman Podcast (no they aren’t angry) and  his work can be found at .

Shout outs from me include: EbookBuilders (Deena) who is going to be building Ample Attraction into kindle form, Mark Rice (Author), Matt Smith (Reporter) from the Sydney Morning Herald, Alex from Just a couple of Gs Podcast,  Atomic Honey (Kev), Anne James (Author), Ted (Radio announcer) from Source fm Radio show in the UK to Kirsty  a fan from UK.

So follow this link, sit back and enjoy it any way you can!

EPISODE 39 – We read EL James Excerpts

‎Wednesday, ‎17 ‎October ‎2012, ‏‎2:00:00 PM |
OMG This was a nice short show, only one hour. We read from EL James who follows us on twitter and Facebook. The 50 Shades of Grey Author. We discuss Charity’s books going to ANNE RICE’S UNDEAD CON and Today’s music is brought to us by DAVID BRAZEEL



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