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Just us Girls this week!

OMG at one point during this podcast I just couldn’t stop laughing. I apologise but I had to edit some out but it was so funny I left some of the laughter in. (I am going to say sorry now. Apparently it’s a George McFly laugh. But that’s when you know you’ve really have hit the hilarious factor with me.) Laughing is good for the soul.  Charity and I had so much fun, we couldn’t stop.  It was great talking Outback restaurants, Kangaroos, KDP Select, Amazon now in india. We discuss our great news of the week. We read excerpts from one another’s books. I know…mmm. “Damn don’t toy with me girl.”

I read from Charity’s “Ace” novella and Charity read from my short story “My Package of Paradise.”

If you missed the info on the Writing Competition we are holding please listen we discuss the rules in detail. So check out this weeks show with just Charity and Myself talking about the written word.


This weeks music was brought to us by Brian Florian which has appeared on HBO, so thank you Brian for sending us your awesome song.  And of course if you want to give your manuscript the makeover it deserves. Let eBookBuilders turn it into a work of art.

EBookBuilders are the digital division of the Book Connection and they will be formating my next book AMPLE ATTRACTION.  So check them out on twitter @eBookBuilders.

Episode 31 is now available to Download from iTunes or via this blog.

EPISODE 31 – Melissa Craig & Charity Parkerson

‎Wednesday, ‎29 ‎August ‎2012, ‏‎2:00:00 AM |
It was just the two erotic chicks this show. We discussed our new books, we swapped excerpts to read. Woo hoo! We Talk about Kangaroo’s/Deer’s, we had a laughing stint that left Melissa with sore cheeks… just saying. Music this week brought to us by Brian Florian & sponsor eBookBuilders.
Enjoy it any way you can!

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