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Woo Hoo! 4.9 Star Ranking

OMG is all I can say. This month has been a wonderful month for my NEW short story MY PACKAGE OF PARADISE.


It’s only been out a month and wow! I am very grateful for every purchase, every reader and every review. I seriously love how people are connecting to the characters and saying not only is it sexy and delicious. But also they’re “… left feeling an array of emotions.” Emotions in a review is my all time favourite. YAY!

I had to write this blog post after reading the review from a follower on Twitter. I had no idea Lori had done a review but When I read it I had teary eyes. Oh my…Check it out… 5 Stars by Lori…

I absolutely loved this book! My Package of Paradise was filled with desire, passion, and so much more. This story was about a friendship between David and Tyla. David is utterly and completely in love with Tyla, but is struggles to confess his true feelings. I so loved the way he talked about her in his journal entries, just loved how much he loved her. When they go on holiday together their relationship takes on a new role and just when you think everything is falling into place, reality hits. When I finished this book I was left feeling an array of emotions. I love when a story can make me feel something and this book did. Read this, it’s sexy with a huge dose of reality.

This short story has been adapted by the screenplay ‘Run’ by Stuart Bannerman. Even though his screenplay isn’t erotica this is how I saw the characters David and Tyla. With his blessing I was able to run with it. Thank you Stuart. I am happy to announce it’s making it’s way up the charts towards the BEST SELLERS LIST especially in the UK. It’s close it just needs a little push and it will find a spot on the charts I am sure. I love my reviews. If you want to check them out in full. Press this link. I will take you directly to my AMAZON LINK.

Don’t forget it’s only 99cents/£0.77 so why not check it out. If you have it already I thank you… Mmmm…David and Tyla… Piano Fingers. 18+.  Get this it was tagged at Number 4 for Erotica Short Story on US Amazon. And on the same page as author E.L.James for Bondage in the UK.


Enjoy it any way you can!


6 responses

  1. Congrats Melissa!! 😀

    September 18, 2012 at 2:50 pm

  2. I bought plentiful package and My Package of Paradise. (real men read erotica too) 😉

    September 18, 2012 at 3:13 pm

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