The Simply Breathtaking Series


OMG I have a new baby that was finished in a day. It was out of nowhere the inspiration hit me. (well 3,000 words unpolished notes was written months ago but I put it we do.  It’s called MY PACKAGE OF PARADISE. A short story just over 8,000 words. By 4am on Wednesday morning only a week prior I was sending it off to beta readers and thinking this could go out after editing. 

I had an internal struggle OF COURSE as I have readers wanting book two of THE SIMPLY BREATHTAKING SERIES and I should have been working on AMPLE ATTRACTION.  This story came on strong and bold. So I had to go with the flow. If I didn’t knuckle down and finish the story on paper from my mind I think it I would have lost the feeling. Which was unbelieveable, I love writing.

This book was inspired by the characters in “Run” screenplay written by Stuart Bannerman. My old podcast producer at From Page 2 Screen. I was fortunate enough to read his two screenplays months and months ago and I saw something between Tyla and David that wasn’t in the screenplay. No “Run” is not an erotica. It is more like a underbelly sort of screenplay which I loved. 

Screenplays are different to books as they are more dialogue and setting the surroundings/scenes.  But I could see the emotion between the characters so I asked if I could go with the flow and write more. Never  thinking at that moment that it would have turned out like it did. BLOODY AWESOME.


Ok I know that’s a very strong and bold thing to say but I think it is. I love the passion and the heat between the two characters. Linked as one. I think the story feels so real with all the emotion struggle internally. Wanting someone you can’t have,  the unspoken feelings between another with all the sexually feelings and pleasure that  go with it. I will add the blurb from Amazon below. Remember it is EROTICA so sexually explicit. ONLY 99 CENTS or  0.77 POUNDS. SO WHY NOT GRAB A BIT OF A GOOD TIME FOR LESS THAN A DOLLAR. GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY. MMMM…




David loves Tyla, and will forever and a day. But is life as a friend to the woman you love a wonderful comprise? He has an opportunity to speak up and reveal his true feelings once and for all. But that strong sense of tranquillity, being the best friend quickly turns to thoughts edging with sexual pleasures.
He wants to be a naughty boy. To suck her nipples and tell her to spread her legs wide so his piano fingers can make her pussy gush in arousal.

Every time he looks at Tyla, his shaft snaps to attention. Hard, hot and horny. His body surges from his dreams so vivid that he’s desperate to have Tyla swallow everything he will give her. He’s raw with want, passion and fantasises. Will he hold back and continue to be just a friend or shift towards being the
potential lover?

Enjoy it any way you can!

BTW it made it up the charts really quickly after less than 10 hours out it had made it up to #19,235 AMAZON Best Sellers Paid in Kindle.  Like in Kindle…Like out of all Kindle books on Amazon in the world. Ahhhhh… like millions and millions of kindles on the Paid amazon list my new erotica MY PACKAGE OF PARADISE was heading toward the BEST SELLERS top 100. 

I never ever thought it would make it up so far. Gosh ‘Plentiful Package’ hasn’t been so close to that number for the kindle edition. Yes for the Paperback but not the Paid Kindle.  So I am pretty amazed how the second story can sell so well once people know your name. 

Ecstatic people are taking note of MELISSA CRAIG the Aussie Erotica Author. LOVE THIS  QUOTE FROM A BLOGGER  ” Melissa K Craig is definitely one of the top, emerging #erotica #authors of today” 

OH MY GOD… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING PART OF MY WORLD…EVERYONE.  Go… quick… buy it now, I mean it I don’t want to tell you twice. Oh yeah it has bondage in it.. So GO, DON”T MAKE ME GET MY WHIP.  NOW!!!!!



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  1. Helle

    A pink whip? LOL

    August 4, 2012 at 11:46 am

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