The Simply Breathtaking Series

OMG I am on the same Page as Anne Rice!

A few weeks ago a fan from my Facebook page made my day and said “Plentiful Package was better than 50 Shades of Grey,”  as mine made her want to take a cold shower (Awww brought a tear to my eye). She wouldn’t divulge any more and fair enough mine is an erotica, what can I say?  But my point is later on she said she wants to see me on the NY Times Best Sellers List.  The next week my debut PLENTIFUL PACKAGE made Amazon Best Sellers List for my Paperback at #61.  This week I got up to #32 woo hoo!

I tell you what Robyn can say anything positive about my books anytime, because in the same conversation she said and I quote, “Anne Rice better watch her back – coz you are stealing her erotica throne :).” Then today I couldn’t believe it when I saw this Newspaper front page from the HERTOICA HERALD (for adults).

Image I was right under Anne Rice’s book in the Headlines!!!!  Eeeekkk my new book AMPLE ATTRACTION was the article right underneath.  Like OMG Robyn you have my blessings to promote me as much as you want Babe. Hehe. You seem to be my goodluck charm.  It’s funny how things happen in life. Lets hope this is the first of many.

When I do make it to the NY Times Best Sellers guess who I am mentioning… Robyn a fan I met on Twitter who has been an avid one from the beginning.  Thank you to everyone who has purchased my debut erotica ‘Plentiful Package’. As I have my next book coming out soon I decided to make PP 25% off on Smashwords this month. It is part of the Smashwords Summer/Winter promotion, by adding the code SSW25 and you will get the ebook for only $1.49 instead of $1.99.

So why not take advantage of the sale. You can even send the ebook to someone special in your life… But be warned it is 18+ only and I have been told I need to add a WARNING from my fans…MAKE SURE YOUR OTHER HALF IS HOME WHEN YOU FINISH IT.



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