The Simply Breathtaking Series

It feels good to help others!

This isn’t about books, this is about spreading a good vibe and good chi.

I was on my way home and I see a car stopped on the exit lane right on the corner, first in line of the lights. Of course I thought poor bugger as everyone was trying to merge to the other lane beeping horns. As if it was so inconvenient for them to wait a few extra minutes to go around.  Like hello is it your car that has broken down? No, so shut up and stop beeping. Things happen out of our control sometimes and it happens to all of us at some stage.  Anyway I am not here to rant about the negative part of the story.

I was in the fast lane…Of course and I had to slow down and stop at the lights in line with the new car that obviously needed help. I looked at the car and thought it’s probably a bloke and thought he’ll be fine and thought nothing of it. But then I looked back again to see a woman around my mums age, standing in the rain with no umbrella encouraging people to go around her car.  Immediately I changed my thinking I need to help.  If it was my mum standing there I would want someone to help her,  to get her out of the rain and get that car safely around the corner.

Deep in thought the lights turned green and I had my own people beeping me telling me to go.  I move forward looking in the rear view mirror waiting for someone to pull over and help her… No one was, she had work trucks fly past, Utes and still no one. So of course me being me, instantly did a u-turn at the next exit and backtracked.  I would say by the time I got there it was around 4 or 5 Min’s  and my heart dropped.  I got out of my car in the pouring rain, yes the pouring rain and walked over to her.

 I swear I saw her exhale the biggest breath I have seen anyone make and I could read her eyes ‘Thankyou.’ I looked this woman over shaking from being wet in this cold weather, dressed in what normally would be a gorgeous outfit and high heels.  I couldn’t help myself I had to comfort her and gave her a cuddle… I know I didn’t know her and some people are funny about being cuddled by others. But I am a very emotional person and crave a physical touch and she needed comfort. If I could help her emotionally through this whole horrible ordeal I would.

“Do you want to hop in the car and steer?  I’ll push?” she nodded.

I started to push the car wearing clothes that weren’t made to exercise in, and we started moving. Yay! Damn I’m strong… Ha Ha.. No seriously it was a relief to get the car around the corner a bit more out of harms way for herself and her car.  She had already called for the roadside assistance but had been waiting 10 minutes before I helped.  She couldn’t thank me enough and that’s not why I did it.  I did it to help someone in need. Put yourself in the position and see how you would feel.

After I wished her luck and was about to leave of course we had a male come and ask now. My protective side kicked in. “Nah, thanks we’re right Mate. Yep… we’re sure.” I waited to they left, grabbed a towel out of my boot gave it to the lady. “Now sit in your car, and wait. Don’t worry about the towel. It’s a spare one. You’ll be right, get dry and good luck,”  and I left.  I didn’t even find out her name. But all I can say I feel better knowing I have helped someone today. On a bit of a buzz actually… It feels good to help others.





3 responses

  1. Patrica

    What a lovely gester. Always nice to help one in need the lady would have thought she was blested when you stopped to help you go girl

    July 9, 2012 at 6:13 am

  2. Helle

    I think it’s awesome that you helped her!

    July 9, 2012 at 12:49 pm

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