The Simply Breathtaking Series

Plentiful Package Paperback made #61 in the Best Sellers List

I was reading another round of edits (yes I am still going) for my second book AMPLE ATTRACTION in THE SIMPLY BREATHTAKING SERIES. When I received an email making me think I should check my Amazon ranking with the Paperback of PLENTIFUL PACKAGE. I checked and went OMG. I think I may have paused doing a double take.  “What the?”


Plentiful Package had made it to the Best Sellers List on Amazon in the Paperback erotica general section. Who knows how long it had been sitting in the list as I don’t check for weeks (My bad). Already the ranking has gone down  😦 but it’s still in the top one hundred just…surrounded by Penthouse International books. Woo Hoo!

I never would have thought I would make it to the Best Sellers list  EVER let alone #61. Here in Australia we still all love a paperback and maybe they were Australians that have been buying the book from Amazon instead of Borders or Angus & Robertson as they are charging double the price. But thank you for buying my erotica novella. It’s only $7.68 US dollar for the Paperback. 

Check it out… US Amazon:

UK Amazon: 

Then you can hold an Aussie in your hands. He-he…     Image


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