The Simply Breathtaking Series

Plentiful Package is making it’s way up the charts!

Wow…This week has just blown me away. I am in awe every time I open an email, check twitter or Facebook… No not awe…It’s the feeling of great pleasure that is overtaking my senses.  I opened up my goodreads account this week which I haven’t checked for a month and saw MY DEBUT’ PLENTIFUL PACKAGE’ was added to a new listopia on Goodreads.  BOOKS YOU CAN’T PUT DOWN which was like, Yay!  I was ranked #145 out of the 1066 books on the list and if this wasn’t enough to make me happy I checked out the list and then it hit me. OMG…OMG…OMG my Erotica Novella was ranked in between the hottest author known to the world at the moment E.L.James (50 shades of Grey) at #132 and one of my favourite authors Charlaine Harris (True Blood Sookie book) at #150.  Me… my book, my novella from a little Aussie chick that has no formal training with writing and if asked a year and a half ago if i was going to be a writer I would have laughed rolling on the floor.

Sorry to go on but OMG my book, my words is ranked above Charlaine Harris book WTF? Sorry for swearing but OMG my friends and I have been reading Charlaine’s books for years. Something I wrote is ranked 5 above a well published author with even a TV series makes my world spin. I seriously was jumping around house like I had received the best present ever.


Then after that I posted the photo on my page I had a wonderful fan Robyn Koshel say “I thought yours was better than 50 shades 🙂 you got my vote.” Like wow … I was like… What did you say? Did I hear you correctly? She continued to say that ‘Plentiful Package’ made her want to take a cold shower and 50 made her want to get a restraining order. Which of course I just laughed, woo hoo my book is erotica Yay!  But the thing that really, really made me tear up was her next comments. “I want to see it on the NY times best seller list and you become so famous, you no longer have time for us little people.” Which I said I would never forget anyone she continued with “Anne Rice better watch her back – coz you are stealing her erotica throne…”  OMG oh babe… the eyes are tearing up again.

This then brings me to my next OMG moment in the last week… I had radio announcer Ted from The Sourcefm 96.1 in the UK say that “Plentiful Package is a book in between mills & boon and 50 Shades of Grey.  This blew me away that he would mention 50 shades of Grey in reference to my work, I was ecstatic. Like Wow… ummm…yeah… you can actually hear me stumble with my words with that comment as I wasn’t expecting it.  I have added the ‘LIVE to AIR’ radio interview from the UK radio station.

But wait it just gets better I had  ‘Celebrity A Gent’ follow me on twitter and asked me to follow on face book and check out his contracts. Of course I had my Journalist friend from the UK check him out first, don’t want to be scammed…erotica writers are always careful. Yes he is a legitimate Celebrity Agency from Wales and I got a little flutter when asked “how long am I in Oz for..” is he asking if I am coming over anytime soon? Ahhh how cool would that be… he has dealings with sky one with tv series, modelling, celebrity contracts and more. Thank you  Mark  for saying you love our style… and checking out The Melissa Craig & Charity Parkerson Podcast. Mmm you never know what is going to happen on twitter… love it.

OK I have more OMG moments this week and I will share in another post after I go and have a glass of wine to celebrate the things and moments that money can’t buy.

I am very thankful for everyone in my life.



5 responses

  1. Hey Mel, so proud of you! You deserve every happy moment for all the work you’ve put in and for writing what you want to write, no matter what. I’m doing a happy dance for you. Hurry up and get back to Sydney so we can do a happy dance together 😉

    June 30, 2012 at 7:32 am

    • Thanks babe… I am more stoked I am near one of my favourite authors… Ahhhhh

      June 30, 2012 at 10:22 am

  2. Exciting stuff, Melissa. You deserve every success!! I certainly enjoyed Plentiful Package 🙂

    June 30, 2012 at 10:18 am

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