The Simply Breathtaking Series

‘It’s a sign’

For those that don’t know or haven’t had a chance to read my sensual erotica novella you will understand this post more after you do. ‘Plentiful Package’ is the first book in THE SIMPLY BREATHTAKING SERIES and it has a HOT, GET YOUR BUCKET READY, drooling at the mouth Ducati Guy in it. Yes I know he only made an appearance, but WOW… what an appearance he had. Mmm what was I saying? Oh, Yes. I left his character open only because I have plans for him (sorry JENNA) in the rest of the five books. Hehe.

I haven’t been motivated lately to finish the Ducati scene in novella two. It ‘s done but I haven’t been happy enough (due to broken arm) to really edit and tweak it.  I so need to be in a good mood for it… or Mr Ducati guy will drive off in the sunset and never return. And I can’t have that… I like him around. I have plans for him. hehe. So of course lately I get to that chapter and I keep putting ‘Ample Attraction’ down thinking no I’m not happy enough yet.

But today I got a sign it was time.  I decided to go to the gym and renew my membership. The music that played on my radio on the way there was the same song Jenna had playing in her car in the book.  I got to the gym to be gobsmacked with this Ducati parked right at the entrance.

I know it’s not the one I imagined in the book, but it’s a red Ducati.  Ahhhh… then of course I was drooling over it. (Yes I love bikes) The whole time worried the owner will come out wondering why I was touching the seat…looking it over and taking photos. Also someone I knew saw me doing this, whoops so funny and took a photo with me next to it. No, you are not seeing that one. Anyway looking at the photo I am wearing blue jeans and a  BONDS T-SHIRT. OMG OMG that is what the Ducati guy wears.  So I think the universe is saying either its time now to get that chapter done, you can do it.  Or go into that gym, your Ducati guy is there. Haha.

Did I go in?    *wink*


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