The Simply Breathtaking Series


Wow! Yet again I am blown away. I had the best surprise today.  An awesome blog called ‘Satin’s Bookish Corner’ has put ‘PLENTIFUL PACKAGE’ as her WICKED WEDNESDAY BOOK. I had no idea she had done it or was thinking of doing it. When somebody does something involving me or one of my books, I am like WOW YOU ROCK!

Thankyou so much Sue. And oh my lord. I read the excerpt you put up and I thought ‘Um… Oh…Hot.. Did I write that? Wow.  I need to read that again.’ Even shocking myself.  So thankyou again Sue for loving my story so much that you added it to the WICKED WEDNESDAY BOOKS TO READ.   I am ecstatic over the interest in something I wrote.

Thanks for spreading the word of Melissa Craig. Check out the link

Hurry go now.  Enjoy it any way you can!


2 responses

  1. your very welcome babes. theres all ways a place aat SBC for you. xx

    May 2, 2012 at 6:03 pm

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