The Simply Breathtaking Series


I’m very excited.  This weekend I finished typing up another round of edits. Mmmmm hello,  ‘Ample Attraction’ with the word count coming in at 42,000 words. I hear you say what? Most books are 80,000. Well my 1st story an Sensual Erotica Novella  was only 19,000.  After listening to a lot of feedback, people wanted more. So lets hope you will love this new story just as much, if not more.  I have sooooo much more,  m/f and m/f/m.

I LOVE the cover that is for sure. It took me six months searching for the right one. So who is on the cover? Which characters? Only time will tell…hehe.  Not long to wait  – June,2012. Yay!  In the mean time why not check out ‘Plentiful Package’ the first Novella in ‘The Simply Breathtaking Series.’

‘Ample Attraction’ starts on a Wonderful Wednesday as ‘Plentiful Package’ finished on a Tantalising Tuesday. Hehe.

Check out my Hot Aussies, set on an Island in The Great Barrier Reef. Andy the kite surf instructor and Jenna his Boss. Why not feel the heat all the way from Australia.

Enjoy it any way you can!


2 responses

  1. Lyshawk

    In June? Woohoo you just made my day 😉 You rock Melissa 🙂

    April 29, 2012 at 12:04 pm

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