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My favourite tweets from the last few weeks

I am a bit behind on the tweets of the week due to the fact that I have been writing YAY!  Anyway… the last few weeks I have been quiet on Twitter however I do remember some great tweets that I would love to share. I have to say Thank you for everyones support and friendship.

Favourite Podcast related tweets

I recieved my first #FF as a podcaster  which was really weird, a good weird.  Thanks Harold L @ZombieHarold for the #FF awesome podcast tweet, Yay!

Also thanks to Damien @newbiewriters for the tweet that blew my mind. “People shouted out on our latest podcast”  The Melissa Craig & Charity Parkerson show received a wonderful shout out from the Newbie Writers Podcast (no 23).  I must say I loved how you said maybe “you shouldn’t fuel your car up while listening to our podcast as you may not want to get out of the car.”  Wow! instant downloads, it was awesome. Mwah!

Thanks Regina Puckett @ReginaPucket for the tweet “It was a fun interview. I believe the two of them can do anything they want to and be great at it”  awwww, I love you Regina.

Also I received a tweet from Madgna M. Olchawska @magdaolchawska. I mentioned her bookreview for one of Regina’s books on the podcast and she listened to it. OMG she wasn’t a follower of mine but now she is. The tweet was “@MelissaKCraig was very good interview 🙂 I enjoyed it a lot & thank u for mentioning me 🙂 “

Of course my week wouldn’t be fulfilled without a tweet from Bob @W4r3w0lf  with reference to the podcast. “Not had chance yet, though I have time tonight. You’ll be the last thing I listen to before my before my head hits the pillow..*grin*”  Oh Bob you so make twitter fun.

Now my favourite Author- related tweets

The first one goes to Harold again. @ZombieHarold as he finished reading Plentiful Package,  he has a paperback and Kindle version. I asked him which one he read from, his reply was “kindle my nice one is home next to @CharityParkserso book for safe keeping. My most loved books” oh Harold. I could give you a big cuddle. I am honoured it is up on the shelf with your most loved books.

Thanks Allison Cupertino @alicoop5  I thanked her for the shout out on twitter for #ff and her reply was “Anytime! You keep my twitter feed interesting! haha” I love it. Glad to make you smile.

Thanks to Robyn @orange_paper41 “You are my goodmorning/evening person. U R the last & 1st person everyday I tweet.  I miss u when I don’t see you”  awww mwah Robyn same here.

And last of all… I was blessed this week… Yeah I know me… on twitter.  From an Editor working at the Daily Star in the UK Matt Robbins @MissivesOfASub retweeted one of my tweets. I thanked him for the retweet and his response was. “You’re blessed…I only tend to RT @replies if they make sense on their own.”  Wow I must be getting a hang of this writing thing as Matt has picked me up on editing mistakes in the past. hehe.  Thank you Matt, all my sins are forgiven this week. PHEW! Maybe not all of them.  LOL

Shhh I really am a good girl,  just don’t tell anyone. Mwah! have a great week.



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  1. justinbog

    I like your blog, Melissa 🙂 And what a great idea for a blog post. Can’t wait to listen to your next podcast with Charity.

    March 12, 2012 at 4:03 pm

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